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Amberella is a mixed media and street artist who sees the world through candy-coated eyes. Most of her work is conceptual and often comments on popular culture, body image, or lady drama. She draws inspiration from past and present personal life experiences. Her work, raw and vulnerable, seeks to touch on the viewer’s emotions and evoke feeling upon first glance. (We absolutely ‘can even‘ with all of Amberella’s amazing pieces!)

Nate Harris
Nate is a graphic artist with a focus on bold, colorful, and often character driven work. He currently works out of Space 1026 in Philadelphia where he divides his time between design, illustration, printmaking, and woodworking. (And while it’s hard to pick favorites with Nate’s work, we particularly LOVE the mural he did outside Elixr Coffee!)

Monica O
Monica is a designer, illustrator, and wood burner based in South Philadelphia. A graduate of the Tyler School of Art, Monica has an enduring love for our city that’s lead her on a mission to illustrate all of Philly’s landmarks. (We’re REALLY loving the Ben Franklin Bridge at night!)

Be sure to catch all of our artists’ “Vote Here/Aqui” posters at polling locations all around Philly this Election Day, November 8th! #VoteNov8th

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